Photo: Blake Jorgenson for Sherpas Cinema

Isolated. Glaciated. Magnificent.

Eagle Pass Heli lies in the heart of Canada's Monashee Mountains. Our exclusive area encompasses almost 390,000 acres or 1,570 square kilometers of British Columbia wilderness. 

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Known for remarkably deep snow, the western slope of the Monashees is the first mountainous area east of BC’s Coastal Mountains where you’ll find near-coastal amounts of snow with cooler interior temperatures resulting in the incredibly deep dry powder that heliskiers return for. 

This high-quality snow, coupled with perfectly spaced trees, open bowls, and glaciers of the Monashees, results in what many experienced heliskiers consider being the most exciting deep powder helicopter skiing in the world.  


Rider: DCP
Photo: Blake Jorgenson for Sherpas Cin
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Monashee Mountains

The Monashees are one of the premier places to enjoy Heliskiing and boarding. Each winter, massive storms brew in the Pacific Ocean and when they reach the Monashees they deliver the consistent, super-dry crystalline snow that Revelstoke is famous for. 

With our combination of wide-open bowls, chutes, treed slopes, and high alpine,  Eagle Pass is the ideal environment for your ultimate Heliskiing adventure.

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The Trees

The Monashee Range is famous for its tree skiing. At Eagle Pass Heli, we have discovered huge slopes of naturally well-spaced trees that are perfect for Heliskiing and Heliboarding.

Gliding through continuous openings between 120-foot tall spruce and alpine firs or through massive 800-year-old cedars is a magical experience that stays with you for a lifetime. 


1,570 sq kilometers or almost 390,000 acres of skiable terrain

Longest run at EPH:

Longer than Whistler top to bottom

1,767 m (5,800 ft)


Average Seasonal Snowfall:

12 - 18 m (40 - 60 ft)

Our tenure is developed exclusively for small group heliskiing

We currently have 246 Named Runs

Highest Peak in our tenure:

Cranberry Mountain 

2,868 m (9,409 ft)