December in the Monashees with DCP, Chris Rasman, and Seb Toots

We hosted an all-time Canadian shred crew for a 3-days of Unlimited Vertical Helishredding at our All-Inclusive Eagle Pass Lodge last December.  With DCP, Seb Toots, Chris Rasman and Photographer Chad Chomlack in attendance, Lead Guide/Owner Scott Newsome showed the crew around his backyard for 3 days of soul-shredding Deep in the Monashees!

With stormy skies bringing over 100cm (40 in) of pow to the Monashees the week before the trip, the crew had a 1,578 sq km (609 sq mile) blank canvas to work with. From storm days in the trees, to big laps in the alpine, the Monashees provided!

ep dcp toots rasman chomlackphoto 16 

Chris Rasman, Seb Toots and DCP on top of another lap Deep in the Monashees. Photo: Chad Chomlack

ep dcp toots rasman chomlackphoto 46

2018 Winter Olympic Gold Medalist Seb Toots brought the pow board out for a few days of soul-shredding between Dew Tour stops. Photo: Chad Chomlack

ep dcp toots rasman chomlackphoto 28

Chris Rasman, Seb Toots and DCP right at home in the Monashees. Photo: Chad Chomlack

ep dcp toots rasman chomlackphoto 57 1

G.O.A.T. Method – DCP (David Carrier Porcheron) Photo: Chad Chomlack

‘I absolutely love to ride with Eagle Pass cause they have access to some of the sickest tree runs in the world with blower pow and amazing pilot and guides that I feel comfortable being in the mountain with. You can't go wrong, they'll fly in a snowstorm and you 'll ride insane trees all day where in places like Alaska, you could be waiting for the occasional sunny day. When the sun pops at Eagle Pass though, it 's absolutely amazing! My favorite.’ - DCP

ep dcp toots rasman chomlackphoto 36

Manboy Chris Rasman Ripping. Photo: Chad Chomlack

‘Eagle Pass has always blown my mind. From having some of the most incredible terrain in Canada, to the experience of the guides and pilots to get you in the goods in nearly any conditions Mother Nature can throw at you, this Monashee Magic operation is what dreams are made of. I had no idea the riding was this good in December. This past trip felt like a Japan blower powder vacation on steroids. Steep and deep all week, and it left stupidly large smiles on our crews' faces.’ – Chris Rasman

ep dcp toots rasman chomlackphoto 19

Seb Toots managed to sneak a couple days in the heli between Dew Tour stops to get a couple of soul shred days. Safe to say the tanks were re-fueled. Photo: Chad Chomlack

ep dcp toots rasman chomlackphoto 37

Lead Guide/EPH Owner Scott Newsome has been leading groups in the Monashees for the past 10 years and has over 23 years to snowboard guiding experience. Photo: Chad Chomlack

MG 5405

Eagle Pass Lodge. Photo: Eagle Pass Heliski

After 3 days and 17,640 vertical meters (58,000 ft) of shredding, the crew checked out of the Lodge and Seb headed back to the Dew Tour, DCP and Chris resumed their film projects, and Chad hit the road for a busy season of shooting.  After their departure, the taps turned on again and provided what would be some of the deepest days of the season!

Looking to join us this season? Heliskiing in December typically means big storms and deep days in Old Growth forest. Contact us today to find out on our favorite time of year!

ep dcp toots rasman chomlackphoto 14

DCP sampling that Monashee Cold Smoke. Photo: Chad Chomlack #DEEPintheMonashees